Lamprobe | Skin Tag and Lesion Removal

Instantly remove unwanted surface lumps, bumps and skin lesions with lamprobe.

Our specifically designed Lamprobe machine will quickly and effectively remove various skin lesions. It precisely heats targeted lesions without affecting the surrounding skin, due to this heating the skin is catuerized as we go resulting in no bleeding, infection and a short recovery time.

Lamprobe and Diathermy treatments are safe during pregnancy and for fair, tanned and dark skin colours.

The Aesthetic Lounge Difference

Education and Experience . The Aesthetic Lounge prides itself on only employing fully qualified and expertly trained Cosmetic Dermal Therapists to perform your Lamprobe and Diathermy treatments, ensuring your skin is in safe hands.

Efficacy . Lamprobe delivers aesthetic results above and beyond cryogen therapy and surgical excision which will often leave you with unsightly scars. Your therapist will tailor your treatment and product program to provide you with the results you want. 

Your Comfort . Cold air machines provide chilled air at -30 to cool and numb the area we are treating, this aids in less downtime, redness and swelling post treatment, ensuring sessions are quicker and less painful.

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Year by year, the way that we interact with the world around us has a direct impact on the health and appearance of our skin. Some people only consider the possibilities of their actions once an issue or concern arises, whereas those who believe in protecting the skin and promoting a healthier appearance at all times will invest to make this a reality.

Uncertainty with regards to skin issues can cause concern, but with the right treatment and consultation with specialists, you gain peace of mind as well as remedies designed to alleviate the problem.

Skin Tag Removal Specialists in Melbourne

Skin tag removal in Melbourne is something that the team here at The Aesthetic Lounge deal with all year round. Those living in the suburb of Hampton, near Brighton, benefit from having our highly qualified and experienced team on their doorstep, while other clients travel from all across Melbourne and further afield to achieve their skin goals with our unique and safe approach to remove unsightly skin lumps and bumps. 

We are an independent clinic that is not tied down to the specific skin treatments in Melbourne and products franchise operations deliver. As such, you can expect a more bespoke approach to your treatment and advice that will stand your skin in good stead into the future.

A Couple of Misconceptions About Skin Tag Removal in Melbourne

Skin tags and surface lumps and bumps often are a cause for concern when they are noticed on the face and body. What’s more, there are plenty of misconceptions out there that do little to relieve any stress felt when they are identified. As such, it is worth considering a few pieces of bad information that are out there and setting the record straight. 

Understandably, a skin tag along with other skin lesions may prompt worry about the possibility of skin cancer. However, skin tags are usually harmless. The smart thing to do when you find one is get a simple skin check at a mole scan centre. This will alleviate any concern and allow for prompt treatment within our clinic. Our expert therapists can then determine how best to treat your concerns. We deliver the best skin tag removal in Melbourne, so we will be able to help you eliminate the issue. 

Another myth that exists is that the removal of skin tags causes them to spread. While it is possible that you could develop skin tags again in the future, there is no evidence to show that the removal of past skin tags has any bearing on the emergence of others.

So, if you were holding off on having one removed, for this reason, you can feel confident to have the treatment carried out without increasing the risk of more presenting as a result. 

We appreciate that those who work hard to achieve flawless skin will be concerned by the presence of a skin tag, but rest assured that as irritating as it might be, treatment is available that can return your skin to its former glory.

The Very Best Care and Attention

At The Aesthetic Lounge, our expert team of therapists have a minimum of 15 years of experience each in the industry. We are passionate about achieving the very best results for our clients and engage in life-long learning to ensure that we can deliver innovative, effective and superior treatments. 

So, if you need the best skin tag removal in Melbourne, book an appointment by clicking the ‘book now’ button at the top of the page, or give our friendly, helpful receptionists a call at our beauty salon in Hampton. Removing unwanted skin concerns and protecting the skin you live in is what we specialise in. Expect the very best care and attention when you step through our doors. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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Personalised Skin Consultations

Consultation | $90 redeemable*

If your new to The Aesthetic Lounge a skin consultation with your first Lamprobe or Diathermy treatment is for you.

This in depth consultation with our Cosmetic Dermal Therapists will ensure all of your skin goals are achieved with a personalised treatment and product program.

Everyone's skin goals are different, and skin concerns and conditions can range in severity.

Ageing, Sun Damage, Brown Spots, Redness, Breakouts, Scarring + much more! We are here to help you achieve your skin goals.


Remove unwanted lumps and bumps from your face and body with Lamprobe treatments. Including; skin tags, seborrheic keratosis, sebaceous hyperplasa, cherry anginomas, xanthelasma and milia. Other lesions can also be removed with a doctors certificate.

Multiple Lesions
$190/$285 | allow 20/30 minutes

For clients that have lesions in multiple areas, such as, inner thigh, underarm, torso or face and neck.

Minimum Lesion Session
$95 | allow 10 minutes

For a single lesion or multiple small lesions.

Perfecting Session
$70 | allow 10 minutes

For clients that have had their Lamprobe treatment, however some lesions need a minor touch up to completely remove them.

Mole Removal
See Lamprobe price guide.

With a current Doctors Certificate, moles on the face and body can be shaved down.

However, as only the surface of the mole is removed, they can reappear over time. Also, if the mole is discoloured and extends below the skins surface, this discolouration may remain after removal.


Red Vein Treatment
See Lamprobe price guide.

An effective treatment for facial veins, spider naevi and cherry anginomas.

Our IPL Colour Correction treatments are the favourable option for facial veins, as they are non invasive with a quick recovery time. However, if a vessle is in a difficult to reach area e.g. the inner eye, diathermy is the best option.

Upgrade your treatment for advanced results.

Enhance results, reduce downtime and prevent scarring

  • Who is suitable for Lamprobe + Diathermy?

    Almost everyone is suitable for lamprobe and Diathermy treatments including pregnant women.  

    Darker skin types that tan easily, will need to use a skin lightening serum prior to treatment to prevent hyperpigmentation occuring post treatment. This will be discussed during your consultation if it is needed.

    Mole removal and clients with a pacemaker will require a current Doctor’s Certificate to ensure a safe treatment.  

  • What does Lamprobe feel like?

    Temporary, localised heat or mild stinging sensation is normal and is tolerated easily by many clients.  

    Cryo-jet cooling may be used to help numb sensitive areas or if you find the treatment too uncomfortable. 



  • Will I need anaesthetic?

    Topical anaesthetic is usually only necessary for sensitive areas and is purchased over the counter at the pharmacy and applied at home prior to treatment. Your therapists will give you all the application information you will need to successfully numb your treatment area.

    Topical anaesthetic is not recommended for pregnant and lactating clients.


  • How will I look immediately after my treatment?

    Localised swelling and redness may be present for up to 48 hours after Lamprobe. This will look like a hive or mozzie bite.  

    2-5 days post treatment a small crust will form along with darkening of the treated lesion. This is temporary and will naturally exfoliate off the skin within 1-6 weeks. Healing will continue for a few months after, depending where on the body was treated. The lesion may still appear pink for 4-12 weeks, until it is fully healed.  

    A follow up session will be scheduled 2 - 4 weeks after your appointment to assess healing and to determine if additional treatment if necessary.



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