Fractional Laser | Skin Resurfacing Melbourne

Refresh tired, ageing skin and soften scars with our Fractionated LASER treatments. 

Our targeted skin resurfacing LASER will soften fine lines, wrinkles and scarring by stimulating the production of collagen, elastin and other age defying cells...for the ultimate pick-me-up!

The Aesthetic Lounge Difference

Education and Experience . The Aesthetic Lounge prides itself on only employing fully qualified and expertly trained Cosmetic Dermal Therapists to perform your LASER treatments, ensuring your skin is in safe hands.

Efficacy . From maintenance to intensive rejuvenating treatments, your therapist will tailor your treatment and product program to provide you with visible results. We will provide a thorough Skin Consultation, including a test patch to ensure we successfully target your skin goals.

Advanced Technology . Utilising the latest in non-ablative Fractionated Technology with a high attraction to water and low attraction to pigment, we are able to treat all skin colours.

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Resurfacing Laser Treatment For Acne Scars

You’ve put up with those wrinkles, spots and blemishes for long enough. After trying every product on the market to little avail, you recognise the need to change your approach. It’s not enough to trust in the marketing campaigns of major brands, or in the hit and miss treatments of franchise salons. This time something new is required that can actually do something about your acne scars.

Resurfacing Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

Resurfacing laser treatment for acne scars is the solution that so many people find after spending countless amounts of dollars on empty promises. Fortunately for those looking for laser treatment in Melbourne, a skin care clinic exists that delivers the highest standard of treatment available in a comfortable and welcoming setting. 

Here at The Aesthetic Lounge, we strive to achieve more than any other salon or clinic. As a boutique skin clinic, we have the luxury of tailoring our services as we see fit, which affords us the possibility of continually bringing the very best of treatments to our clients. 

All of our therapists are highly qualified in skincare, laser and light based therapies and skin science. Furthermore, we diligently research the skincare products that we make available to our clients. The difference is a passion and unrivalled commitment to active prescriptive cosmeceutical grade products as opposed to cosmetics.

Bringing Out the Best With Laser Skin Resurfacing For Acne Scars

Anyone that went through the pain of acne in their youth or into adulthood will appreciate the struggle to finally look in the mirror and see clear skin. However, for many people, they are continually reminded of the skin they had as a result of the scars that remain. Fortunately, laser skin resurfacing works on acne scars and can bring about a radiant new look. 

Makeup can only achieve so much in terms of covering up acne scars as well as surgical scars. The good news is that with a laser treatment, these scars can be minimised and reduced so that they become less visible. Amazingly the procedure is a quick one that will not require an overnight stay and best of all; the results are permanent.

It is also possible to use fractional laser resurfacing to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The process promotes the production of collagen, which returns the tight elastic texture so commonly associated with youth to the areas treated.

Enlarged pores are quite common to those that suffered from acne in the past. It is possible to reduce the size of pores through the use of lasers. Our therapists have the knowledge, experience and expertise to tailor your treatment so that you get the results that you want. We invest in the best of technology and update our skillsets every year to ensure you the best possible outcome. 

Fractional Laser Resurfacing For Acne Scars Gives You The Skin You’ve Always Wanted

At The Aesthetic Lounge, targeted skin treatments are what we are best known for. Over the past 7 years, we have helped thousands of clients improve their appearance and self-confidence through our innovative approach. Our Bayside laser clinic is a short drive from Melbourne CBD and located centrally in the Bayside area of Hampton. All you have to do to start the journey toward clear, radiant skin is to book an appointment.

Those that are interested in fractional laser resurfacing for acne scars are encouraged to check out the before and after pictures on our site. Our treatments are ideal for both men and women and we can tailor our services and skills to your needs. So, why wait another day when the skin you’ve always wanted is just a phone call away?

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Personalised Skin Consultations

Discovery Facial | $225
*up to $115 redeemable on skincare

An interactive skin consultation and a customised facial all in one.

Lay back and relax as one of our passionate Cosmetic Dermal Therpists assess your skin concerns and needs during an interactive facial session. This allows you to truly relax and for our skin expert to properly assess how your skin reacts to certain products and treatments.

At the end of your Discovery Facial you will leave feeling polished, deeply cleansed and hydrated. You will feel a sense of ease and excitment knowing exactly how we are going to achieve your skin goals with a plan of action as to how we can, with a combination of our life changing skincare products and corrective treatments, make real positive and long term changes to your skin.

Consultations | $90 redeemable*

If your new to The Aesthetic Lounge a skin consultation with your first Fractional LASER treatment is for you.

This in depth consultation with our Cosmetic Dermal Therapists will ensure all of your skin goals are achieved with a personalised treatment and product program.

Everyone's skin goals are different, and skin concerns and conditions can range in severity.

Ageing, Sun Damage, Brown Spots, Redness, Breakouts, Scarring + much more! We are here to help you achieve your skin goals.

Skin programs that include Fractional LASER will include a test patch.

Facial Laser Resurfacing

Full Face |$399

Resurface, stimulate collagen and elastin, and refresh your full face for visibly superior anti-ageing results with our Fractional Laser treaments.

If you have only a single 'facial area' of concern, a full face Fractional treatment is highly recommended to kick-start your treatment course, help blend the different areas being treated and improve your overall results. 

Facial Areas | $99-$269

Perfect for clients with only one area of concern or to target stubborn areas once full face treatments are complete.

  • Forehead | $139
  • Eyes/Crows feet | $99
  • Lower - 3/4 Face | $269
  • Cheeks | $199
  • Mouth/Smokers lines | $139
  • Upper Lip | $99

Body Laser Resurfacing

Neck | $399

Sometimes we focus so much on our face that we forget about the damage and premature ageing to our neck. Smooth and soften fine wrinkled, "crepey", sundamaged and aged skin with our Fractional Laser.

Back of Hands | $249

Do you ever look down at your hands and wonder what can be done to reverse the signs of ageing? Fade unsightly sun damage and re-texturise, smooth and plump ageing skin with Fractional Laser.

Fractional Laser for Scar Revision

Resurface and regenerate targeted scar tissue with our Fractional Laser for fair to dark skin colours. Prices are for an A5 sized area, smaller or larger areas are priced upon consultation.

Acne Scars | $315

Remodel and smooth atrophic/indented acne scars to the cheeks, temple or body areas. Also great for pock mark/chickenpox scars.

Stretch Marks | $315

Stimulate and rebuild new collagen to restructure damaged stretched skin. Treat white/silver stretch marks, on all skin colours.

Post Surgery Scars | $315

Stimulate and rebuild new collagen to restructure post surgery hypertrophic and linear scars.

Enhance your results and speed up recovery with our treatment boosters:

  • Who is suitable for Fractionated Laser?

    All skin types including dark and tanned skins are suitable for our laser resurfacing treatments. Lactating women can have also have Fractionated Laser if no topical anaesthetic is applied.

    A Skin Consultation with one of our Dermal Clinicians will ensure a personalised treatment and product program is created to specifically target your skin goals. Fractionated Laser treatments achieve amazing results however, they are serious treatments and therefore the skin must be prepared adequately to achieve the best results and minimise risk and downtime.  

    Fractionated Laser is not recommended for pregnant women, epilepsy sufferers, autoimmune disorders or clients undergoing cancer treatment.

    Fractionated Laser effectively treats:

    • Fine lines, wrinkles, volume loss + ageing
    • Acne scars, open pores + uneven skin texture
    • Stretch marks + surgical scar revision
  • How can I prepare my skin for Fractionated Laser?

    Our Fractionated Laser is an advanced skin treatment and therefore a Skin Consultation with one of our Dermal Therapists will ensure your skin is healthy enough to tolerate this treatment and achieve your skin goals. 

    Using regular homecare with AHA's/BHA's and Vitamin A will prepare your skin prior to your treatment and help to achieve an even and effective treatment.    

    It is vital to feed your skin essential vitamins and strengthening ingredients in order to allow the skin to be effectively treated, recover optimally and achieve the best possible results.

    Dark skin types, skins that tan easily or people prone to hyperpigmentation are required to use a skin lightening serum a minimum of 1-2 week prior to your treatment and throughout your treatment course to help avoid any unwanted skin pigmenting.

  • What does Fractionated Laser feel like?

    Application of a topical anaesthetic numbing cream is recommended 45mins-1hr prior to your treatment to help with pain management.

    During your fractional laser treatment you may experience a combination of a pins-and-needle, hot prickling and/ or warming sensations. If topical anaesthetic is used, the skin can still feel slightly numb post treatment for up to 4 hours.

  • How will I look immediately after my treatment?

    Localised temporary redness, warmth and swelling may be noticed for a few days after your  treatment.

    Dryness, mild flaking, crusting or temporary darkening of the skin may also be experienced a few days after that. Regular moisturising will help alleviate this, however, do not scrub or exfoliate any of the dry skin off as the skin has not healed properly.

    Your therapist will give you an aftercare sheet to take home with all the specific information you will need to care for your skin pre and post treatment. 

  • What is the difference between ablative and non-ablative laser?

    Unlike ablative fractionated lasers our non-ablative fractionated laser does not ablate and remove the skin. Instead, it heats columns of the skin to 72 degrees, providing visible  results without the downtime that ablative laser treatments give. 

    Also, side effects and complications associated with ablative lasers are not experienced with non-ablative laser treatments.

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